Faculty/Staff Accomplishments and News Briefs 10/5/22

In this issue, we celebrate the accomplishments of faculty and staff in communication, education, and psychology. We also share a reminder about Meredith’s benefits open enrollment and information on how to participate in the Yam Jam, this year’s Cornhuskin’ service project.

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Faculty in Education presented at the North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Annual Fall Forum in Raleigh on September 22, 2022. Adjunct Instructor Christina Cole Spears, ‘13, ’14 (MAT), was a keynote speaker. She engaged all the participants in a “(Re)Imagining DEI” workshop. Spears also presented with Professor of Education Julie Schrock and Assistant Professor of History Amy O’Keefe on “Establishing an Inclusive Classroom Environment on Day One.”  Schrock and Professor of Education Cece Toole presented “Implementing Ungrading in Two Math Methods Courses.” And finally, Associate Professor of Education and Department Head Heather Bower presented her ongoing longitudinal study of our program graduates, “Following into the Field Year Three.”  Meredith College was well represented at this important conference for teacher educators across the state.  

Assistant Professor of Psychology Candalyn B. Rade and her co-authors have had an article published in the Journal of Community Justice. The article,  Service Providers’ Understanding of Clients’ Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic, is in Volume 31, Number 04, Summer 2022.   

Abstract:  During the COVID-19 pandemic, justice-involved persons experienced further vulnerabilities and marginalization as they reintegrated and navigated community living. Amidst decarceration, an underresourced system encountered new service access limitations due to lockdowns and social distancing measures. This study explores the experiences of justice-involved persons as described in the accounts of service providers providing programming, services, and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. It discusses understandings of reentry planning and support, mental health factors, and virtual programming and service delivery, and outlines recommendations for future services and programming.

Angela Smedley, Adjunct Instructor in the Department of Communication, presented a GIFTS INC (Great Ideas for Teaching Students in North Carolina) session, “Place Your Bets: Using Film and Assignment Choice to Help Students Complete Their Race to a Successful Semester” at the Carolinas Communication Association Conference held at the University of South Carolina – Aiken on Friday, September 23.

News Briefs

Mark Your Calendars for Benefits Open Enrollment
Benefit-eligible employees should note that Open Enrollment for 2023 benefit changes will be from Monday, October 24 through Friday, November 4, 2022. Human Resources will share more information soon.

Employees Invited to Take Part in Yam Jam Service Project
On Friday, October 28, from noon until 4 p.m., a truckload of sweet potatoes needs to be sorted into 5-10 lb. bags for this Corn Service Project event. Coordinated by the Food Bank of N.C., these potatoes and the work provided by participants at the Yam Jam help to provide 7,500 meals to families in need across the central and eastern parts of the state. 

Students have traditionally participated in the Corn Service Project in order to gain points for their class, and this year staff and faculty are invited to also come help with the fun and spirit of this event! If you are interested, please coordinate with your supervisor to request release time to spend your work day with us (participating in Yam Jam is considered work, and non-exempt employees are required to report all time spent on the event as part of their normal timekeeping record).

Yam Jam will be held in the upper NW section of Commuter Lot 6. Participants are asked to sign up here. Please contact Kacey Reynolds Schedler in the Office of Student Leadership and Service if you have any questions (

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