Faculty/Staff Accomplishments and Departmental News 6-10-15

In this issue we celebrate accomplishments of faculty and staff in art, English, foreign languages and literatures, health services, and religious and ethical studies.

Associate Professor of English Laura Fine published an Encyclopedia Britannica entry on author Harper Lee. Read the entry here:

Associate Professor of Religious and Ethical Studies Shannon Grimes wrote an article published in Religious Studies News, which is a bi-annual periodical published by the American Academy of Religion.  Her article is in the “Spotlight on Teaching” section. This issue is devoted to teaching religion in short-term study abroad programs. 

Director of Health Services Sherri Henderson received an Outstanding Clinical Preceptor Award from the UNC School of Nursing for her work with nursing students. Henderson has served as a preceptor for UNC for the past four years. Working with Henderson, UNC nursing students helped form what is now Meredith’s peer educator group, PEARLS, helped initiate and promote a campus bicycle program, and educate the campus community on numerous health issues. “These awards are presented to individuals from among hundreds of professionals who serve as preceptors to nursing students,” Henderson said. “I feel honored to receive this award as a physician assistant and have enjoyed working with each of the 11 interns who have served at Meredith.”

Henderson also completed her first triathlon, the Ramblin’ Rose, on May 17. This was This triathlon was a super sprint triathlon (short distances) that included a 925 yard swim, an eight mile bike ride, and a two mile run. She trained with Tri It For Life (TIFL), a non-profit group of women that started in Charlotte and added a Raleigh chapter in 2013. “This is a supportive group of women who helped and encouraged me along the way to persevere and never give up,” Henderson said. “I hope to continue to train with these women and pursue more triathlons in the future.” 

Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Brent Pitts has been awarded a travel bursary by the Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature in support of his manuscript research this summer in Oxford and Cambridge.  Pitts will collate his transcription of the amplified version of La Terre des Sarazins with the text of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 761 (2535), fols. 195b-200b; while in England, he will also consult the unique manuscript of the Anglo-Norman version of The Marvels of India, Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, CFM 20, ff. 25v-40r. He is preparing an essay about and critical edition of both pieces. 

Professor of Art Jane Terry recently received a generous grant from the Tree of Life Foundation. The $5,000 award provides financial support for the completion and presentation of her new short film. The new work will be completed during the summer and will be the culmination of Terry’s sabbatical leave project. The grant from Tree of Life makes it possible for Terry to reach critical objectives in the development of her work using digital media.

Terry’s short film, Stations, stems from personal memories of her deceased father, a loved one who remains an enigma. The film unfolds as abstractions from an inner narrative shaped by his elusive presence. The abstractions are presented as sequential chapters referencing the various channels through which Terry’s father continues to access her. (The work was inspired by an old transistor radio he left behind). Terry hopes to immerse the audience in a new experience based on the powerful effects of memory and loss on one’s life. Terry plans to present the completed project at upcoming national film festivals in 2015 and 2016.

Tree of Life, a non-profit corporation in the state of North Carolina, began its grant program in 2014. The Foundation’s mission is “to encourage talented and late-career artists in the pursuit of their ideas and the expansion and perfection of their techniques and capabilities.” A legacy left by artist and philanthropist Alyce Simon enables Tree of Life to give meaningful financial support to late-career artists residing in the United States. Defining factors in the selection process for the grant include the quality of the proposed project, the accompanying visual material, and the artist’s professional history.

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