Event Management Class Visits Carolina Grove and Eno River Farm

On the last day of classes of the 2021-22 academic year, graduating seniors from Meredith’s upper-level event management class were fortunate to spend a few hours touring the fabulous new event venue Carolina Grove with owner Melissa O’Hara.

The group appreciated getting O’Hara’s perspective on the industry, the challenges she and her partner faced designing, permitting, and successfully launching the venue during COVID-19 and how they are now coping with the current explosion of demand for weddings and other events.  Every inch of the venue’s modern design is gorgeous and well thought out. Our program looks forward to supporting and collaborating with them going forward.A group of students sitting at a picnic table at the Eno River Farm.

After the visit, the Meredith group thoroughly enjoyed ending the day at nearby Eno River Farms,  devouring their delicious homemade ice cream and take-home strawberries picked fresh from the field.


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