Elizabeth City Middle School Students Visit Meredith Archives

On April 27, 12 students and their instructor from Elizabeth City Middle School visited the Meredith College campus. An old yearbook page of a woman.

Marie Moss, the school’s Gifted Education Facilitator, explained in a preliminary email that in the process of undertaking some housecleaning of their library, she and her students found yearbooks from five North Carolina colleges and universities, including seven from Meredith College, dating from 1924 to 1930. Knowing that their library was not the place for the annuals, Ms. Moss and her students planned trips to each school to gift the books to their Archives. 

While at Meredith College, the students toured the campus, the library, and its archives and learned a bit about the history and traditions of the school. 

As for why and how these yearbooks came into the possession of E.C.M.S., Ms. Moss had no explanation, but Janice Sniker, Archives Associate, observed that the name of Charles Annabelle Abbott, written on the flyleaf of the 1926 edition, was that of 1926 graduate whose hometown was Elizabeth City.  

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