Duncan and Meredith Alumna Featured in North Carolina Literary Review

The 2019 issue of the North Carolina Literary Review will feature a pair of essays on Zoe Kincaid Brockman, a Gastonia-based journalist and founder of the North Carolina Poetry Society, by Rebecca Duncan and Lyn Triplett, a former student of English and professional writing at Meredith.  Triplett began archival research on Brockman, a surrogate grandmother figure, as an independent study.  During her recent sabbatical, Duncan proposed the collaboration; she wrote a critical essay on Brockman’s newspaper columns and award-winning poetry, and Triplett contributed a memoir of her recollections of Brockman.  They are grateful to Laura Davidson for locating microfilm of the Gastonia Gazette.  Rebecca Duncan is professor of English at Meredith; Lyn Triplett has a background in music education and has worked with disaster recovery services since 2011.  She is currently awaiting a FEMA placement assisting North Carolina hurricane survivors.   

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