Department of Sociology & Criminology Hosts Re-Entry Simulation

The Department of Sociology & Criminology partnered with OurJourney to host a re-entry simulation event on Friday, April 13. OurJourney is a community organization that supports the formerly incarcerated transition back into communities.

Meredith students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Weatherspoon Gymnasium to participate in the simulation. The event was divided into four 15-minute segments that each represented a week. Each participant was assigned an identity and a list of tasks to complete during the segment, including seeking employment, receiving healthcare, meeting with their parole officers, and more.

Participants faced several obstacles during the simulation, such as long wait times, mistreatment, and lack of resources. There were only a few participants who successfully completed all their tasks, demonstrating how difficult it can be for the formerly incarcerated to re-enter society.

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