Athletics Scores Energy Savings

We want to thank an Energy Champion, Elizabeth “Liz” Knight, Assistant Athletic Trainer, for making extra efforts to turn off and unplug refrigerators and training equipment during our extended break from campus. We hope her efforts inspire others on campus to notice opportunities to reduce their electricity consumption and help with energy savings.

During a check of the Track Field House, we asked the Athletics Department if it would be OK to turn off the ice machine in the Training Room. This discussion led to Liz “taking the ball and running with it” by scoring the following:

Consolidated the Field House refrigerator with another refrigerator in the gym, and defrosted, turned off and unplugged the large “Team” refrigerator in the Field House.

Previously defrosted and unplugged her own office mini-fridge before leaving to work at home in March.

Two ice machines were unplugged, one at the Field House and one at Weatherspoon, which saves electricity and water.

Unplugged two TV monitors used to review training videos, one at Field House and one at Weatherspoon.

Drained and stored two hydrocollators used to make moist heat pads that need to be kept on when filled with water to maintain temperatures.

Unplugged any electrical training and therapeutic equipment usually turned off at the end of a workday.

Consumer Reports estimates mini-refrigerator annual electric costs at about $27 up to $80 a year, which rivals the energy cost for large refrigerators. One school system with 50 schools estimated 10 mini-fridges per school added over $40,000 to their annual bill.  Also, indoor electrical equipment such as refrigerators, ice machines and TVs generate heat which increases the cost for air conditioning.

Thank you to all the Energy Champions out there, whether at campus or at home, for helping reduce unnecessary energy and water use by turning things off and unplugging when not in use.

Melyssa Allen

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