Associate Professor of Foreign Languages Publishes Article

Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Véronique Machelidon published an article on “Teaching Race, Class, and Slavery in Indiana” in Approaches to Teaching Sand’s Indiana, ed. David Powell and Pratima Prasad (NY: MLA, 2016). Machelidon’s article advocates for the teaching of Sand’s 1832 novel in French and world literature courses because it invites a critical rethinking of the ways in which race is constructed, deconstructed, and regulated in Western socio-symbolic systems. Set in metropolitan France and in the French colony of Bourbon Island (La Réunion), Sand’s novel questions conventional views of race as a stable, discrete and fixed category of identity and exposes race as a symbolic construction eluding stable corporeal markers.  As college students examine historical pictorial representations of racial and social classes in La Réunion  and relate them to Sand’s text, they learn to deconstruct colonial theories of race based on visible anatomical differences which denied the actual metissage and hybridity of nineteenth-century colonial society.

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