Assessment Matters – October 2018

In spring 2018, Meredith College faculty approved eight new general education learning outcomes called Core Connections. The eight learning outcomes can be divided among four core areas, namely learning, exploring, thinking, and communicating.

On the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), senior students at Meredith College and at other institutions nationally were asked eleven questions relating to skills that employers are seeking in new graduates, called transferable skills. We mapped the results from the spring 2017 NSSE to these four core areas of a quality academic experience.

This infographic provides the comparative results for Meredith students and for students nationally for all eleven questions. Students at Meredith rated their experiences higher in all areas and particularly high in the areas of thinking, exploring and communicating.

These 11 questions will be included again on the 2020 NSSE survey and we will be able to track student perceptions of their performance in these areas over time, as the new general education outcomes are implemented fully.

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