Assessment Matters: Meredith College StrongPoints® Program

StrongPoints® is a unique advising and personal coaching model based on leading educational research on how the most successful students make the most out of college.

The StrongPoints® Program revolves around 4 pillars and the CliftonStrengths® Assessment. Students first identify their five top strengths, by taking the CliftonStrengths® Assessment and then continue to build on these strengths during their time at Meredith College and beyond college in their personal and professional lives.

The four pillars of the StongPoints® Program are:

  • Academic, where students build a plan with advisors, to get the most out of their academic experience, and make intentional academic choices based on their values, interests, skills, and strengths.
  • Experiential, where students identify experiences outside of the classroom to build on their strengths and future plans for personal, professional & leadership development.
  • Financial, where students learn skills to effectively plan and manage resources for their financial well-being.
  • Career, where students explore different career options, analyze the implications of potential careers, develop a career path, and navigate the job search or graduate school application process.

The Office of Research, Planning and Assessment (RPA) has partnered with the StrongPoints® Program since its inception, identifying ways to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Recently, the RPA worked with StrongPoints staff to develop an infographic that reflects the impact of the program on the Meredith community of students, faculty and staff. The infographic shows the key areas of StrongPoints® and some of the outcomes achieved through the implementation of this powerful program. The full infographic is available here.

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