Assessment Matters – March 2018

Comprehensive Program Assessment – process changes

After some discussion among various campus constituents, ELT has approved that the Comprehensive Program Assessment (CPA) cycle change from a 6 to a 7 year cycle. This will allow for an extra year to develop action plans and the revised assessment plan. The diagram below summarizes the revised process. Please review the schedule on MyMeredith > RPA to find out when your program will next be up for review.

Table showing the revised CPA Cycle

Results from 16-17 CPA process

Six programs have presented the results of their CPA to the Council for Institutional Effectiveness this year and described many ways in which the CPA process had led to program or process improvements. These included:

  • Revised program outcomes and assessment plans
  • New courses developed and approved through Academic Council
  • Revised course sequencing and curricula approved through Academic Council
  • Clearer expectations for student participation in orientation sessions, for one program
  • Enhanced research and mentoring opportunities for students in another program
  • Additional tutoring opportunities for students experiencing difficulty in certain courses
  • Improvements to the Meredith technology HelpDesk
  • Revised procedures for an administrative unit
  • New organizational structure for one program
  • Development and implementation of the Meredith survey policy
  • Monthly campus connections updates on Assessment Matters by RPA
  • The development of a set of clearer guidelines for external reviewers (developed by RPA based on requests by programs undergoing CPA)

Reminder about end of semester data needs/surveys:
If you have end of semester survey needs for particular programs or courses, please contact Dilnavaz at soon to get your survey scheduled on the RPA calendar. To request help with your survey or to get your department’s survey on our calendar, please complete this brief (2 mins.) survey request form:

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