Assessment Matters 9/6/17 – Updates from RPA

SACSCOC Decennial Re-accreditation
SACSCOC informed Meredith College that our next re-accreditation will occur in 2021 and not 2020, as previously notified.

RPA Comprehensive Program Assessment
The RPA Comprehensive Program Assessment (CPA) occurred in the spring of 2017 and we are working to implement several recommendations, including:

  • Communicating more broadly with constituents across campus on assessment and survey results, such as through monthly contributions to Campus Connections.
  • Creating a new archive system for housing Continuous Improvement Reports (CIRs) and 5-year plans.
  • Implementing the Meredith College Survey Policy (available on the RPA MyMeredith page).
  • Providing some key assessment resources for assessment liaisons, such as those that were on the old RPA website. More detail on this soon.

New CIR submission process
With the transition away from BlackBoard to the new LMS, it was decided to create a new way to archive all CIRs in a Google Drive file structure. RPA staff are currently populating this with historical CIRs and 5-year plans. Academic programs and administrative units are required to submit the 2016-17 CIRs on 1 October, and instructions for submitting to the Google Drive will be provided to assessment liaisons in September. Most College Programs have already submitted their 16-17 CIRs and RPA will archive them in the appropriate folder.

Campus Scorecards
Each year RPA scores all CIRs submitted. These scores have been tracked over the past 4 years for all units and the campus assessment score card is developed and shared annually during planning week. Please see the RPA My Meredith site for the planning week PowerPoint presentation and a graph of the average scores for academic programs, college programs and administrative units. Overall, academic programs and college programs have made significant gains in assessment practices over the last four years. However, we still have some work to do with some administrative units and will be working closely with those units in future.

5-year academic trend reports
The 5-year academic trend reports were made available to all department heads, deans and Provost Poslusny at the start of semester. These are updated by RPA each year. Contact RPA if you have questions.

–Submitted by Dianne Raubenheimer, Director of Research, Planning and Assessment

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