Alumnae and Parents Help Welcome Class of 2022

Meredith College alumnae and parents of current students look forward to helping with Move-In Day every year. Much like the new students, the balloon rainbow welcomes them home to the Meredith campus. They enjoy remembering what it was like on their first day at Meredith or reminiscing about moving their daughter into her residence hall. The Alumnae Association and The Parents Council helped coordinate volunteers for Move-In Day on Saturday, August 18 to welcome the Class of 2022 to campus.

“I love Move-In Day because it is filled with excitement, anticipation, fear, and joy all rolled into one! These young women truly have no idea the magic that awaits them as travel under the balloon rainbow at the front of campus,” said Alumnae Association President Mandy Steele Johnson, ʼ96. “I hope that the more alumnae volunteers these families meet, the more that they will enjoy the day and realize how special the Meredith family is!”

Throughout the day, alumnae delivered gifts to new students, staffed water stations, transported water on golf carts, carried luggage, and helped students and families cool off with sno cones. The Parents Council welcomed families in the residence halls and provided a resource tent that was stocked with hammers, screwdrivers, hand trucks, tape measures, and even thumb tacks, which proved to be in demand. Additionally, they carried luggage, lofted beds, comforted emotional parents, and answered a lot of questions. Families received a calendar magnet from the Parents Council

“We like to represent Parents Council on Move-In Day because we know that can be a difficult time for parents, especially if this is their first child to go to college,” said Shari and David Pepper, parents of Whitney Pepper, ʼ20. “A warm smile and helpful information goes a long way towards helping parents with that separation.”

Hilary Allen, ʼ01, director of alumnae relations, noted “Alumnae enjoy every opportunity to return to campus, but especially Move-In Day. It’s an opportunity to reminisce about their time in Wonderland and welcome a new group of Angels to the Meredith Family. Their presence, along with current parents, truly speaks to what makes the Meredith community such a special place.”

Parent volunteers are also appreciated on Move-In Day.

“We have the best group of Parents Council members, and we are truly grateful for their willingness to support our incoming families with their welcoming spirit,” said Kim Whitley, Parents Gift Officer.

Here are a few fun statistics from Move-In Day 2018:

  • Total Alumnae Volunteers: 108
  • Alumnae Class Years Represented: 35
  • Cities represented by Alumnae Volunteers: 31, including one from as far away as Lubbock, Texas
  • States represented by Alumnae Volunteers: 4
  • Oldest Class Year: 1972 The Class of 2022 will graduate exactly 50 years after them.
  • Youngest Class Year: 2018
  • Number of Parents Council Volunteers: 16
  • Gifts from the Alumnae Association Delivered to Members of the Class of 2022: 400
  • Number of Families Visited in the Residence Halls: 271
  • Alumnae on Golf Carts: 12
  • Water bottles distributed: 1,320
  • Sno Cones Made: 206
  • Number of Families Who Utilized the Resources Tent: 100+ 
  • Number of First Year Students, Alumnae, Parents, and Family Members Affected by a Warm Meredith Greeting: Endless
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