2019-20 Faculty Sabbaticals

The Meredith College Board of Trustees has approved the sabbaticals for the following faculty members.

Fall 2019

  • Associate Professor of Education Tisha Duncan, who will explore constructivism as well as many facets of today’s college students and how we acknowledge and address the characteristics and concerns of emerging adults in higher education. She will research areas related to learner centered instruction and emerging adulthood, examining how these impact students’ transition to college, including K-12 academic preparation (traditional, non-traditional, differently schooled), standardized assessments, social media and digital influences, social/emotional issues, brain development, and peer relationships. A long-term goal would be to publish a book to share the outcome of this project.
  • Associate Professor of Religious and Ethical Studies Shannon Grimes’ sabbatical project is Medieval Arabian Alchemy. She will further research and write an article on the images, interpreting them and deciphering the allegory in light of the ancient Zosimean literature and its transmission in medieval Arab culture.

Spring 2020

  • Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Astrid Billat plans to write a novel in Spanish during her sabbatical. The book, El Niño Que No Decia Mama (The Boy That Would Not Say Mama) will describe the struggles and joys of a mother and her son navigating the world of autism during a 10-year period. This project aims to educate others, specifically the local Latino and immigrant communities.
  • Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures Brent Pitts will continue work started in the summer of 2017 on the Anglo-Norman Bible’s book of Joshua. This is a critical edition/essay for publication.
  • Associate Professor of Communication Carla Ross will conduct research and publication on the REACH method of forgiveness with Everett Worthington. According to Ross, there is a huge need for understanding how individuals in relationships deal with the challenge of forgiveness and reconciliation even while being able to handle conflict in a healthy manner.
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