Music Library
The Music Library collection is housed on-campus in Carlyle Campbell Library. It consists of an extensive collection of instrumental, vocal, choral and orchestral scores. The most recent music textbooks and other supplemental materials, including a collection of CD and LP recordings, can be found in the nearby Music Education Curriculum Center. A collection of books, reference works, and periodicals on the performing arts is located on the second floor of Carlyle Campbell Library.

Technology Laboratory
Music students have access to a technology laboratory that features 10 stations with computers, Roland keyboards, sequencers, other peripherals and music software, including the Finale Notation program. The department is also equipped with audio and video recording and playback equipment.

Performing Spaces
Meredith has many areas in which music majors may perform. The principal performing spaces include Jones Auditorium, Clara Carswell Concert Hall and Jones Chapel.

Contact Information

Jeanie Wozencraft-Ornellas
Head, Music Department
104 Wainwright
(919) 760-8536

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