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Meredith Mathematics and Science Institutes Summer 2018

MMSI focuses on the mathematics content in each grade’s Standard Course of Study, formative assessment strategies, and pedagogy that supports student learning. Join colleagues from across North Carolina for professional development led by master teachers, writers, and leaders from the Tools for Teachers Project.  All K-8 sessions will be held July 23-24, 2018 on the Meredith campus.

A Quest for Number Sense

Who wouldn’t want to spend two days engaged in the world of Kindergarten mathematics?  We will explore, investigate, analyze, and lay the foundation for number sense.  This includes:  deepening our understanding of the content standards, making sense of the Standards for Mathematical Practices, increasing the amount of high-quality math talk among students, using games to deepen conceptual understanding, and more!  Bring a smile, an open mind and energy to explore!
Dawn CokerDawne Coker is a K-5 Math Facilitator at Morganton Road Elementary School in Cumberland County Schools.  She has 16 years of experience as a Teacher, Instructional Coach, and District Math Curriculum Specialist.  Dawne has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and has taken numerous courses in K-8 Mathematics Education.  She enjoys leading math professional development, creating curriculum resources for NCDPI, and supporting teachers through her YouTube channel.  Dawne’s goal is to help teachers see ways math can be fun, challenging, and accessible to all!

Grade One
Make Learning Mathematics In First Grade Fun!

How do we keep first graders enthusiastic and excited about math?  We let them do what they do best – talk.  Join me and discover a variety of discourse-based tools – ways in which students can clarify their own thinking and learn from others through math talk.  We will explore meaningful tasks and activities as we dig deeper into the content standards, the Standards for Mathematical Practices, and assessment.  Bring energy and enthusiasm and “Let’s talk math”!
Danielle LongDanielle Long is an Instructional Coach with Union County Public Schools and leads the elementary math committee in the Department of Teaching and Learning.  Prior to being an instructional coach, she taught primary grades.  After leaving the classroom, she transitioned into the role of Instructional Content Facilitator which is where she expanded her knowledge of best practices in math instruction.  She develops instructional guides and delivers professional development to foster conceptual understanding across the district and state.  Danielle is passionate about supporting teachers in learning the content they teach and helping students discover and extend their thinking as mathematicians.

Grade Two
Developing Understanding Through Engaging Experiences

Participants will apply the concrete, model, abstract learning progression to the major work of 2nd grade with an emphasis on using language to “hear and share” new learning. We will break down how to teach students the vocabulary and thinking necessary to have successful discussions about mathematics including integrating regular partner talk, making number talks work, and summarizing and extending through discussion. Time will be spent exploring new math resources from DPI to support teachers in understanding, teaching, and assessing our newly adopted standards in ways that are engaging and exciting for students and teachers alike. Our primary goals are increasing the independence and proficiency of all of our students. Together we will discover how to build lasting and flexible mathematical understanding during this foundational year.
Isaac WellsIsaac Wells has worked in public education for a total of 15 years teaching kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade and is in his 6th year as an instructional coach in Henderson County NC. He worked as a district presenter for the Math Partners project and is now a writer with the Tools for Teachers MSP grant. In addition to leading engaging professional development in his district and presenting at state conferences, he consults with schools and districts in literacy and mathematics both in and out of NC. He enjoys translating research into practical classroom practices and integrating strategies and learning from all content areas.

Grade Three
Tools Time with Third Grade Students

During this two-day institute, participants will have fun diving into the new standards by analyzing the instructional framework and Tools for Teachers resources.  We will also focus on the teacher as a learner as we analyze student work and discuss formative assessment with a focus on multiplication tasks.  We will examine research-based strategies to improve our pedagogy leave ready to set up a mathematical community in our classrooms.
Leanne DaughtryLeanne Daugherty is the K-12 Math Coordinator for Johnston County Public Schools.  She has been an educator for the past twenty years, and has led professional development sessions for the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the NC Department of Public Instruction, the Western RESA, NCMAST, Partners for Mathematics Learning and TAP Math Mathematics-Science Partnerships, and the Meredith Math and Science Institutes.  Leanne loves learning and is passionate about helping teachers in her district and across North Carolina deepen their understanding in math standards, content, and pedagogy to create powerful learning experiences for students. 
Meg McKeeMeg McKee is a K-6 Math Instructional Coach for Buncombe County Schools. She has been an educator for 25 years and in addition to her current role, has taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades and has been a curriculum specialist. She has her MA in Elementary Education and has participated in extensive professional development in K-6 mathematics. In her district, she leads teachers in deepening their understanding of mathematics teaching and learning through workshops, coaching, modeling lessons, and providing feedback. She has worked with other districts in North Carolina and has worked with DPI to provide instructional support resources for teachers in NC. Meg loves engaging in mathematics with teachers and students and empowering all to see themselves as powerful mathematical thinkers!

Grade Four
How to Teach the New 4th Grade Math Standards Like a Ninja

In our dojo, teachers will begin a quest to understand the changes to the revised fourth grade mathematics standards.  
• New lessons?  Yes! 
• New Assessment Tasks? Yes!
• Instructional Frameworks? Yes!
• Parent Resources? Yes!
We have it all! Leave your session feeling like a true Math Ninja because you have implementation resources to help you conquer teaching the new fourth grade math curriculum!
Lisa GarrisonLisa Garrison is a Lead Teacher at Archdale Elementary School, where she has been teaching for 23 years.  Her experience lies in 9 years as a Lead Teacher and 14 years in first, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms.  She is National Board Certified and holds a Elementary Math Add on Licensure from East Carolina University.  She is passionate about STEM education.  In 2011, she started a GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) club Archdale Elementary School in order to provide experiences for fourth and fifth grade girls to develop confidence in Math and Science while instilling the understanding that success comes as a result of hard work and perseverance.
Deanna WellsDeanna Wiles has been in education for 14 years.  In those years, she has served as a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teacher, an Instructional Facilitator, and now Elementary Lead Literacy and Social Studies Teacher for the Randolph County School System. She is a NBCT and has a Masters degree in K-8 Mathematics. Deanna is the current Central Region Elementary Vice President for the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  She loves planning engaging lessons with teachers, modeling lessons, and leading professional development.

Grade Five
Ready, Set, Go! Preparing for the New Fifth Grade Standards

During this two day institute, participants will engage in analyzing the Tools for Teachers resources, examining the new standards both at grade level and vertically, understanding and using frameworks to develop fluency, and exploring strategies for setting up a mathematical community. A focus on division with whole numbers to rational numbers will prepare participants for implementation of new standards.
Marta GarciaMarta Garcia is a former fifth grade teacher, and a K -5 math coach/ specialist who works with school districts across the country. She teaches math methods and graduate courses and develops curriculum and assessments. Marta is National Board Certified and a past awardee of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She is focused on empowering teachers and students in developing positive mathematical identities.
Brandi NewellBrandi Newell is a K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist for Cumberland County Schools. This is her 19th year as an educator, having taught 2nd, 3rd and 5th grades, as well as serving as an Instructional Coach for 10 years. She is a National Board Certified Teacher with her Elementary Add-on Math License, and her Masters of Education in K-9 Mathematics. Brandi loves teaching children to think like mathematicians and to become problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Mathematics Coaches In Grades K through Five
Ushering in a New Era of Mathematics Understanding

During this two day professional development, we will discuss the rolling out of new and improved resources for K-5 mathematics and contemplate how we can best encourage coordination across grade levels: analyzing the Tools for Teachers resources, examining the new standards both at individual grade levels and vertically, understanding and using frameworks to develop fluency, and exploring strategies for setting up a mathematical community. 
Ana Floyd: MMSIAna Floyd is the District K-5 Mathematics and Science Lead Teacher for the Randolph County School System. Ana’s duties include providing professional development, developing curriculum materials, modeling lessons, and coaching classroom teachers. She has been an educator for the past twenty years and has assisted with several state mathematics projects including TEAM II, Math Matters, and Partners.  Floyd has been an active member of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics and has served on numerous committees for the organization.  She recently completed her Ph.D. in teacher education at UNC-Greensboro and plans to utilize her degree to provide professional development in the area of elementary mathematics.

Mathematics Coaches In Grades Six through Eight 
Paving the Way for Even Better Mathematics Understanding

In this two-day institute, math coaches and lead teachers will learn how to define rigor in the middle grades mathematics classroom. Participants will see how conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application are key in the development of mathematically proficient students. In addition, time will be spent looking at the Eight Mathematics Teaching Practices to strengthen the teaching and learning of mathematics at the middle grades. 
Alisan RoysterAlisan Royster is the Math Facilitator at Concord Middle School in Cabarrus County. She draws upon her 15 years of classroom experience and her “online PLC” (math teachers’ blogs and Twitter) to expand teachers’ content knowledge and teaching strategies, guide lesson and unit planning, and customize instruction based on student data. Inspired and energized by new teaching methods and resources, her favorite mathematics concept to teach is the one she’s currently teaching. Alisan has led professional development sessions for NCCTM, Partners for Mathematics Learning, TAP Math, and MMSI.
Stacy WoznyStacy Wozny is an Instructional Coach at Brawley Middle School in the Iredell Statesville School System. She is National Board Certified in Early Adolescence Mathematics and has a Master of Arts in Middle Grades Education and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Stacy has 15 years of classroom teaching experience and 5 years of experience as an instructional coach. She was twice named her district’s Teacher of the Year. She was instrumental in creating and presenting mathematics content for MSP projects Partners in Mathematics, TAP Math, and the Sandhills Leadership Project. Stacy has presented at a Regional NCTM Meeting and has led professional development for NCCTM, and MMSI.

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