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Master of Criminal Justice Program of Study

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice  in the Department of Sociology & Criminology is a 36-hour online graduate program. Students complete 24 hours in Core classes and 12 hours of electives (may include 6 to 9 hours of thesis credit).  An internship would be an elective for anyone without field experience.  The M.A. in Criminal Justice does not require a thesis; however, students will complete a capstone course (CJG 609) in their second year (with at least 18 hours completed) with a grade of B or better.  Students will be advised by the Criminal Justice Graduate Admissions Coordinator in planning a course of study. Students are expected to attend a 2-3 hour orientation at the beginning of the program at Meredith College unless an exception is approved by the Director of the program.

Required CourseworkCore Curriculum (24 hours)
CJG - 601: Foundations of Criminal Justice Administration (3 cr.)
CJG - 602: Criminological Theory (3 cr.)
CJG - 603: Data Analysis in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 604: Research Methods in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 606: Writing in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 607: Gender and Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 608: Criminal Justice, Substance Use and Addiction (3 cr.)
CJG - 609: Leadership and Decision Making in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
(capstone course: must complete 18 hours before taking CJG-609)
Electives (12 hours)
CJG - 611: Understanding Human Behavior and Crime (3 cr.)
CJG - 612: Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System (3 cr.)
CJG - 613: Trauma and Criminal Behavior (3 cr.)
CJG - 620: Victimology (3 cr.)
CJG - 621: Big Data and Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 622: Cybercrime (3 cr.)
CJG - 630: White Collar Crime (3 cr.)
CJG - 635: Juvenile Justice and Youth Crime Problems (3 cr.)
CJG - 644: Policing in a Democratic Society (3 cr.)
CJG - 652: Mass Incarceration and Collateral Consequences (3 cr.)
CJG - 670: Government Project and Program Implementation and Management (3 cr.)
CJG - 671: Government Project and Program Communications Management (3 cr.)
CJG - 675: Special Topics In Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 680: Internship In Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 681: Directed Readings in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG - 685: Thesis In Criminal Justice (varied course cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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