The Criminal Justice Post-Baccalaureate Certificate is for those interested in gaining more skills and knowledge to further their careers within the criminal justice sector. This 18-hour certificate is also useful for students interested in community college or vocational teaching in the criminal justice field. Students with a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in another subject may take 18 hours of masters-level courses and are then qualified to teach Criminal Justice at a college level.

Required (3 hours):CJG – 601Foundations of Criminal Justice Administration (3 cr.)

15 hours – choose 5):CJG – 602Criminological Theory (3 cr.)
CJG – 603Data Analysis in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG – 604Research Methods in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG – 606Writing in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG – 607Gender and Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG – 608Criminal Justice, Substance Use and Addiction (3 cr.)
CJG – 611Understanding Human Behavior and Crime (3 cr.)
CJG – 612Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System (3 cr.)
CJG – 613Trauma and Criminal Behavior (3 cr.)
CJG – 620Victimology (3 cr.)
CJG – 621Big Data and Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CJG – 622Cybercrime (3 cr.)
CJG – 630White Collar Crime (3 cr.)
CJG – 635Juvenile Justice and Youth Crime Problems (3 cr.)
CJG – 644Policing in a Democratic Society (3 cr.)
CJG – 652Mass Incarceration and Collateral Consequences (3 cr.)
CJG – 670Government Project and Program Implementation and Management (3 cr.)
CJG – 671Government Project and Program Communications Management (3 cr.)
CJG – 675Special Topics In Criminal Justice (3 cr.)

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