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Asiyah Ahmad, freshman

Major: Computer Science with a minor in Dance
Subjects tutored: Computer Science

Maggie Best, sophomore

Majors: Exercise and Sports Science w/ a minor in Dance Studies and Arts Management
Subjects tutored: Italian

Shanzila Chowdhury, senior

Majors: Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
Subjects tutored: Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry

Rachel Crawford, senior

Majors: English w/ 9-12 licensure and Spanish minor
Subjects tutored: Writing, English, Spanish, English conversation for non-native speakers

Morgan Daly, sophomore

Major: Accounting
Subjects tutored: Accounting, Economics

Rebecca Dowdy, junior

Major: English
Subjects tutored: English, Writing, English conversation for non-native speakers

Bethany Helm, senior

Major: Family and consumer sciences w/ minors in French, Spanish, and English
Subjects tutored: French, Writing, English conversation for non-native speakers

Morgan Johnson, junior

Majors: History major w/ minors in Spanish and Public History
Subjects tutored: Research, History, English conversation for non-native speakers

Kirby Jones, senior

Majors: English w/ 9-12 licensure w/ minors in sociology and religious and ethical studies
Subjects tutored: English, Writing, English conversation for non-native speakers

Jane Kelley, junior

Majors: Psychology and Spanish
Subjects tutored: Spanish, English conversation for non-native speakers

Nabiha Khan, junior

Major: Biochemistry and Public Health
Subjects tutored: Research, Biology, Chemistry

Georgia Kimbell, junior

Major: Chemistry w/ minor in music
Subjects tutored: Trig, Calc, Chemistry

Mary Kolisnichenko, junior

Majors: Mathematics and Economics with minor in Finance
Subjects tutored: Calculus, Economics

Maggie Mertz, sophomore

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics
Subjects tutored: Calculus, Computer Science

Sydney Pollock, sophomore

Majors: Biology and Chemistry w/ minor in Chemical Physics
Subjects tutored: Mathematics, Statistics

Alex Rouch, sophomore

Major: English major w/minors in Studio Art and Professional Writing
Subjects tutored: Research, English, Writing, English conversation for non-native speakers

Meghan Tanner, senior

Major: Interior Design
Subjects tutored: AutoCAD/ Revit

Kathryn Wescott, sophomore

Major: Biology with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics
Subjects tutored: Chemistry, Statistics

Sarah Willaford, sophomore

Major: Biology
Subjects tutored: Biology

Belle Williams, senior

Majors: Spanish and international studies w/ K-12 licensure
Subjects tutored: Spanish

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Carmen Christopher
Learning Center Director
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