The international studies major is ideal for students who wish to take an interdisciplinary approach to world affairs. Building on a core of study in history and political science, students choose from additional courses within the department and other disciplines to construct an individualized program providing perspective on contemporary global issues. This flexibility allows the possibility of additional majors and minors, while the major is also an ideal pathway to pursue Study Abroad. International studies majors regularly go on to graduate or law school and pursue jobs in international business, the foreign service, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, travel and tourism, and many other areas.

Major in International Studies
Students majoring in international studies are required to complete 36 hours, 18 hours of which are core international studies courses and 18 of which are approved electives. All majors write a Senior Research Project, or, for Honors Students, an Honors Thesis, during one semester of their senior year and present the results of their work to faculty, majors and other guests.

Minor in International Studies
Students minoring in international studies are required to complete 18 hours of courses, nine of which are part of the core international studies program and nine hours of electives approved by the department head.

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International Studies Major – 36 hours
Required Major CoursesHIS – 102Modern Western Civilization (3 cr.)
HIS – 103The World in the 20th Century (3 cr.)
POL – 204Comparative Politics (3 cr.)
POL – 210International Politics (3 cr.)
HIS – 334Methods of Historical Research (3 cr.)
POL – 334Research Design and Methods (3 cr.)
HIS – 498Honors Thesis in History (3 cr.)
HIS – 499Senior Research (3 cr.)
POL – 498Honors Thesis in Political Studies (3 cr.)
POL – 499Senior Research (3 cr.)

Electives18 hours of electives chosen in consultation with adviser
HIS – 200Introduction to Latin American History (3 cr.)
HIS – 224Introduction to Asian History (3 cr.)
HIS – 282The Modern Middle East (3 cr.)
HIS – 285Women in Global Perspective (3 cr.)
HIS – 302Modern British History (3 cr.)
HIS – 306Russia in the 20th Century (3 cr.)
HIS – 30820th Century Europe (3 cr.)
HIS – 310Modern China (3 cr.)
HIS – 312India Past and Present (3 cr.)
HIS – 319U.S. History Since 1945 (3 cr.)
HIS – 330Modern US Foreign Policy (3 cr.)
POL – 330Modern US Foreign Policy (3 cr.)
HIS – 375Warfare, Culture, and Social Change in European History (3 cr.)
HIS – 930Community Internship (1 cr.)
POL – 205Political Ideas Seminar (3 cr.)
POL – 320International Political Economy (3 cr.)
POL – 331Environmental Politics & Policy (3 cr.)
POL – 370World Politics Simulation (varied course cr.)
Approved electives chosen from business, economics, geography, fine arts, foreign language, and other disciplines that relate to the 20th century world.
It is highly recommended that International Studies majors achieve fluency in at least one foreign language and also that they study abroad.

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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Head, History, Political Science, and International Studies Department
214 Joyner Hall
(919) 760-8089
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