The interior design program provides students with the ability to address the goals and needs of clients while formulating design concepts and creative solutions that promote environmentally responsible design and support human behavior within residential and commercial interiors. Students learn to apply and comply with codes, demonstrate proficiency with advanced technology techniques and tools for interior design, and develop effective communication and presentation skills.

Major in Interior Design
Students majoring in interior design are required to complete 61 credit hours, which include interior design, art and business courses, and prepare a portfolio.

Minor in Interior Design
Students minoring in interior design are required to complete 18 credit hours, which include interior design, art and a textiles course.

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Interior Design Major – 61 hours
Required Major CoursesFCS – 290Foundations in Family and Consumer Sciences (1 cr.)
ID – 142History of Architectural Interiors & Furnishings (3 cr.)
ID – 144Interior Design I (3 cr.)
ID – 243Interior Design Process and Presentation (3, 9 cr.)
ID – 244Interior Design II (3 cr.)
ID – 245Housing Issues (3 cr.)
ID – 246Interior Design Products (3 cr.)
ID – 248Technology Applications for Interior Design (3 cr.)
ID – 342Special Problems in CADD (3 cr.)
ID – 343Construction Technology (3 cr.)
ID – 344Interior Design III (3 cr.)
ID – 348Interior Lighting Design (3 cr.)
ID – 443Professional Practices in Interior Design (3 cr.)
ID – 447Commercial Interior Design (3 cr.)
ID – 448Interior Design IV (3 cr.)
FMD – 418Textiles (3 cr.)
ART – 1102D Design Concepts, Color and Composition (3 cr.)
ART – 1113D Design Concepts and Structure (3 cr.)
ART – 180Computer Literacy for Design (3 cr.)
ART – 221Survey Western Art: Ancient-Early Renaissance (3 cr.)
ART – 222Survey Western Art: High Renaissance-Modern (3 cr.)

Electives3 credit hours chosen from the following:
BUS – 150Business and Society (3 cr.)
BUS – 303Management and Organizational Behavior (3 cr.)
BUS – 360Principles of Marketing (3 cr.)
Interior design students are advised to arrange their courses in the following sequence:
Freshmen: ID 142, 144; ART 110; FCS 290
Sophomores: ID 243, 244, 248, 348; ART 180
Juniors: ID 245, 246, 342, 343, 344; ART 111, ART 221 or 222
Seniors: ID 443, 447, 448; FMD 418

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.