Meredith College will conduct operations and develop policies consistent with legal requirements. If any employee reasonably believes that some policy, practice, or activity
of the College is in violation of law, or a clear mandate of public policy, a written complaint must be filed by the employee with the Office of the President or Office of
Human Resources.

The College will not retaliate against an employee who, in good faith, has made a protest or raised a complaint against some practice of the College, or of an employee of the College, or of another individual or entity with whom the College has a business relationship, on the basis of a reasonable belief that the practice is in violation of law, or clear mandate or public policy.

The College will not retaliate against employees who disclose or threaten to disclose to a supervisor or a public body, any activity, policy or practice of Meredith College that the employee reasonably believes is in violation of a clear mandate or public policy concerning the health, safety, welfare or protection of the environment.

An employee is protected from retaliation only if he or she brings the alleged unlawful activity, policy or practice to the attention of the College and provides the College with a
reasonable opportunity to investigate and correct the alleged unlawful activity.

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