Meredith’s strong liberal arts tradition makes the College a natural setting for examination of the period that created the university and saw the beginnings of humanistic studies. The interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers a rigorous, individualized, and cohesive but varied academic program with potentially broad appeal for today’s undergraduate students. The program combines traditional coursework in several academic fields with opportunities for directed research, study abroad, and special on-campus events. Faculty for the minor is a corps of teachers from several academic departments.

Because the MEMS minor dovetails neatly with majors and minors in history, religion, English, and art history, it offers a viable, attractive option to the student who otherwise might not complete a first or second minor.

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor – 18 hoursElectives (18 credit hours)
(Electives must include at least one course from ART, HIS, and LITERATURE)
ART – 221Survey Western Art: Ancient-Early Renaissance (3 cr.)
ART – 222Survey Western Art: High Renaissance-Modern (3 cr.)
ART – 323Topics in Art History (3 cr.)
ENG – 351Old English (3 cr.)
ENG – 352Chaucer (3 cr.)
ENG – 355Shakespeare (3 cr.)
ENG – 356Shakespeare (3 cr.)
HIS – 385Europe in the Middle Ages (3 cr.)
– or –
RES – 385Europe in the Middle Ages (3 cr.)
HIS – 387Age of Renaissance/Reformation (3 cr.)
– or –
RES – 387Age of Renaissance/Reformation (3 cr.)
MEMS – 201Pilgrims, Poets, and Prophets (3 cr.)
MEMS – 299Introduction to Research in Medieval/Early Modern Studies (3 cr.)
MEMS – 498Honors Thesis Medieval/Early Modern Studies (3 cr.)
MEMS – 499Research in Medieval/Early Modern Studies (3 cr.)
MUS – 315History of Musical Styles and Structure: Antiquity -1750 (3 cr.)
THE – 316History of Theatre Classic-Romance (3 cr.)

Curriculum requirements and course descriptions are subject to changes with each catalogue.

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