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Health Forms

A student health form must be completed and all immunizations documented and updated, prior to matriculation. Students are not allowed to register for classes until their Health and Immunization forms are completed and returned to the Office of Admissions.

All health forms are due on the specified date on the instruction sheet. All ocular and dental work should be attended to before students enter or scheduled for vacations or holidays.

Student Health Form (PDF)

Release of Health Information

A student must complete and sign the Release of Health Information Form (pdf) in order to authorize a release of their medical record to others. This form can also be used to send medical information to Meredith from an outside provider. 

Student Health Insurance

Meredith students are required to have health coverage. If you want to enroll in Meredith's BCBS Insurance, or wish to opt out by completing a waiver with your personal insurance information, visit BCBS Insurance Enrollment.

Enrollment Form is for eligible students who wish to enroll in the Meredith insurance plan.

Waiver Form to Opt Out needs to be completed if you wish to opt out of the Meredith insurance plan because you already have other coverage. You will need your Student ID number (located on your student ID Card) and your current insurance information including Insurer Name, Phone, and Policy Number. It can take up to 7-10 business days for the waiver to go through. Students should receive an email confirmation once the waiver has been submitted but the email confirmation does not constitute an approval.

Change Request is used when a student elected to waive but now wants to enroll, elected to enroll but now wants to waive, or was enrolled but will no longer be a student at Meredith. Students must log into the Blue Cross Blue Shield portal to cancel their current choice and then complete either the enrollment or waiver process. There is no longer a paper form for this request. 

Termination Form is for students who wish to terminate dependent coverage. Termination requests must be received 10 days prior to the first day of the month that coverage is no longer desired. Terminations are available on a monthly basis and effective on the last day of the month. There are no refunds.

All forms are to be submitted directly to Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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