"Transfer" - Strong Stories

Profile photo of Cheyanne Moxley with the Lowery Fitness Center in the background

Cheyanne Moxley

When Cheyanne Moxley, ’19, transferred to Meredith College she found success in the small classroom environment. She also enjoys the support and encouragement the Meredith community provides.

Profile photo of Donna Bahena

Donna Bahena

As one of the youngest in the Wings program and a first-generation college student, psychology major Donna Bahena, ’18, has learned to appreciate her background and use her experiences as a stepping stone for success.

Interior design major Abbey Fogt

Abbey Fogt

After moving to Wilmington, spending three years at a community college, and testing many different avenues, Abbey Fogt, ’18, realized she was pursuing the wrong career path.

Senior Marissa Hurtado

Marissa Hurtado

Marissa Hurtado, ’17, found a way to merge two passions: learning French and exploring her interests in the fashion industry.

Laura Anne Hatcher

Laura Anne Hatcher

Transferring to Meredith College was the best decision for Laura Anne Hatcher, '17, who built self-confidence and strength during her time.

Meredith White

Meredith White

Meredith White credits her experience at Meredith for her current success as a Duke University ABSN student.

Mandy Astor

Mandy Astor transferred to Meredith because it was the right fit for her learning style.

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox, '15, transferred to Meredith as a junior and took advantage of the range of internships available.

Paula Pope-Jones

Paula Pope-Jones

Paula Pope-Jones completed her degree at Meredith and found the supportive environment she was looking for.

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