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Meredith College Teaching Fellows

teaching fellows  

Meredith College Teaching Fellows is a program that develops model teachers and future leaders who have a strong sense of mission, service, and professionalism.

Aly Mann

commencement 2017   graduate education   psychology   teaching fellows   undergraduate research  

Teaching Fellow and psychology major Aly Mann, '17, explored her strengths through a variety of experiences.

Kirby Jones

education   english   going strong   meredith legacy scholars   teaching fellows   undergraduate research  

Meredith Legacy Scholar Kirby Jones, '19, plans to start an educational nonprofit.

Kristin Long

commencement 2017   computer science   teaching fellows  

Computer science major Kristin Long, ’17, feels well prepared for her job as a software developer after graduation.

Macy Allen

commencement 2017   english   going strong   study abroad   teaching fellows  

Macy Allen, ’17, has used her love of art and traveling to build the foundation for her Meredith College experience.

Olson Appointed to North Carolina Teaching Fellows Commission

education   teacher education   teaching fellows  

Rachel Crawford

english   honors   teaching fellows   undergraduate research  

Rachel Crawford, '19, helped to create a new organization to facilitate collaboration with faculty and local artists.