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How a Painting Saved the Town of Sansepolcro

italian renaissance   italy   painter   piero della francesca   study abroad  

Watch this video to learn why Italian Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca’s painting “The Resurrection” may have saved the town of Sansepolcro, Italy, during World War II. Sansepolcro is the home of the Meredith in Italy study abroad program.

Laura Culpepper

commencement 2017   english   going strong   study abroad  

Laura Culpepper, ’17, came to Meredith with a set plan, but through her experiences she discovered a new passion and career path.

Andie Stuber

athletics   environmental sustainability   going strong   interior design   study abroad  

Meredith College was a perfect fit for Andie Stuber

Ashley Scarborough

internships   psychology   study abroad  

Attending Meredith College provided Ashley Scarborough with opportunities to travel the world and move outside of her comfort zone.

Barbara Shantz

business   going strong   study abroad   wings - adult education  

Barbara Shantz, '18, a student in Meredith’s Wings Adult Education program, traveled to Peru with the Business School.

Celebrate International Education Week

academics   study abroad  

Cody Jeffery

business administration   commencement 2016   communication   economics   going strong   honors   study abroad  

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Elizabeth Guiles

education   english   student life   study abroad  

Elizabeth Guiles grew more than she ever expected during her time at Meredith.

Ginger Neustadt

going strong   study abroad   wings - adult education  

Earning her degree as an adult gave Ginger Neustadt an even greater sense of confidence.

Hannah Palko

biology   commencement 2015   going strong   honors   study abroad   undergraduate research  

Biology major Hannah Palko found direction for her own life by helping others.