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Amanda Bodenheimer

graduate   nutrition   student life  

Like many students in Meredith’s graduate programs, Amanda Bodenheimer, ’14, juggled multiple responsibilities while pursuing her Master of Science in nutrition degree.

Angie Ramkellawan

athletics   business   internships   leadership   student life   videos  

Watch strong senior Angie Ramkellawan, a business administration major, talk about her Meredith experience

Bailey Dunn

going strong   student life   undergraduate research  

As a sociology and criminology major, Bailey Dunn, '15, conducted in-depth undergraduate research.

Benefits of Living on Campus

residence life   student life  

Living on campus is an important part of the college experience. By living on campus, students will gain greater independence, strengthen their communication skills, and learn how to live within a community – all valuable knowledge with benefits that last well beyond graduation.

Caitlyn DeBona

computer science   going strong   mathematics   stem   student life  

My experiences at Meredith taught me to branch out and try new things.

Elizabeth Guiles

education   english   student life   study abroad  

Elizabeth Guiles grew more than she ever expected during her time at Meredith.

Emily Hawkins

honors   internships   political science   student life  

Emily Hawkins, '15, is on a mission to elect the first female U.S. President.

Hawa Tuli

academic & career planning   biology   going strong   health professions   student life   undergraduate research  

Biology major Hawa Tuli plans to earn a master of science in global health.

Holly Mills

environmental sustainability   internships   student life   study abroad  

Holly has used her strengths during her time at Meredith to encourage others to make sustainable choices.

Kristen Rivera

academics   commencement 2016   communication   going strong   internships   student life   videos  

As a communication major at Meredith, Kristen Rivera, ’16, gained experience through multiple internships and student leadership roles.