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Meredith Minute: Why can’t we remember our childhood?

meredith minute   psychology  

Have you ever wondered why you can’t remember much of your childhood, but the children in your life can remember everything? In this episode of The Meredith Minute, Associate Professor of Psychology Gwynn Morris explains childhood amnesia.

Strong Story | Tia Joyce

biology   chemistry   psychology   strong story   tia joyce  

2016 Senior Strong Story featuring legacy scholar, Tia Joyce.

Alayna Bolyard

commencement 2016   going strong   internships   psychology   strongpoints  

For Meredith psychology major Alayna Bolyard, ’16, participating in an internship helped define her career path.

Alex Kandah

internships   psychology   undergraduate research  

Alex Kandah plans to use her love of the sciences to attend medical school and pursue a career as a psychiatrist.

Ali Santiago

commencement 2015   internships   psychology   social work  

Graduating senior Ali Santiago, '15, said her onyx reminds her of the diligence and commitment that went into her Meredith education.

Aly Mann

commencement 2017   graduate education   psychology   teaching fellows   undergraduate research  

Teaching Fellow and psychology major Aly Mann, '17, explored her strengths through a variety of experiences.

An Enchanted Evening: Meredith Psychology Department Hosts Annual Special Populations Dance

experiential learning   psychology  

Ashley Scarborough

internships   psychology   study abroad  

Attending Meredith College provided Ashley Scarborough with opportunities to travel the world and move outside of her comfort zone.

Award-Winning Geneticist and Autism Researcher Visits Meredith

meredith autism program   psychology  

Celebration Held for Psychology Program