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Strong Story | Gemma Brodney

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After serving in the Marine Corps and attending community college, Gemma Brodney, '17, transferred to Meredith College to complete her undergraduate degree. She was drawn to Meredith’s focus on women and its exceptional programs for students who want to work with children and families, particularly the Meredith Autism Program.

Award-Winning Geneticist and Autism Researcher Visits Meredith

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Gemma Brodney

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Wings student Gemma Brodney was drawn to Meredith's programs that prepare grads to work with children and families.

Katie Burnet

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Lacrosse player Katie Burnet's Meredith experience was shaped by personal guidance from her faculty and coach.

Katy Clary

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Katy Clary's Meredith experience prepared her to thrive in graduate school.

MAP Director Kathryn Dove Named A Health Care Hero

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MAP Director Receives Health Care Hero Award

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Mary Jessup Gooden

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Psychology major Mary Jessup Gooden completed multiple internships and engaged in undergraduate research.

Psychology at Meredith Playlist

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Our psychology students acquire both research skills and practical skills in applied settings. In addition to internships outside of campus, Meredith offers a unique on-campus learning experience through the Meredith Autism Program (MAP). Students also have numerous opportunities to conduct research, and many go on to present their studies at regional, national, or international psychology conferences.