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Meredith Minute | How does interior design work?

interior design   martha burpitt   meredith minute  

Martha Burpitt explains how interior design works.

Andie Stuber

athletics   environmental sustainability   going strong   interior design   study abroad  

Meredith College was a perfect fit for Andie Stuber

Asia Taylor

commencement 2017   going strong   interior design  

Interior design major Asia Taylor, ’17, has made connections at Meredith that will help her throughout her career.

Carla Lunday

athletics   commencement 2015   interior design  

Internship experience gave Carla Lunday a head start on her career.

Catherine Moye

going strong   interior design   internships   tradition  

Catherine's interior design internship landed her a job in her field - before graduation.

Cullen Moser

interior design   wings-adult education  

Cullen Moser earned a second degree at Meredith to pursue the career of her dreams.

Dunneisen Earns PAVE Scholarship

interior design   scholarships  

Hoffman Receives WithIt Scholarship

interior design  

Jessica Rosko

commencement 2016   going strong   interior design  

When Jessica Rosko transferred to Meredith from a large university, she discovered a new world of opportunity.

Laura Lavigne

commencement 2017   interior design   wings - adult education  

Interior design major and Wings student Laura Lavigne, ’17, was determined to succeed and kept pushing toward the finish line.