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Alex Herel

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Alex Herel's Meredith experience prepared her to become an effective, confident teacher.

Aricka Hawkin

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The Meredith College Master of Arts in teaching program serves people who have bachelor's degrees in disciplines other than education, who are committed to becoming teachers, and who are seeking initial N.C. teaching licensure in elementary education for K-6 or special education (general curriculum) for K-12. The goal of the program is to prepare highly qualified beginning teachers who have the skills to teach all students, can collaborate with professionals and families, are well-versed in the content areas, and understand their roles in local, national and global contexts.

Cindy Anderson

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I learn as much from my students as they learn from me

Conference Spotlights Graduate Education Student Research

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Cynthia Mosley

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I have developed a passion for reaching all types of children

Education at Meredith College


This video is about the undergraduate education programs at Meredith College.

Education Professors Named Co-Directors of Faculty Development

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Elizabeth Guiles

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Elizabeth Guiles grew more than she ever expected during her time at Meredith.

Faculty Distinguished Lecture Explores Movement in Teaching

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Hemphill Notches Regional Principal of the Year Honor

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