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Strong Story | Sierra Smith (Porter Byrum Version)

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Sierra Smith, ʼ18, is a first generation college student who has merged two majors she has a passion for, dance and communication. Working with both of her faculty advisors they showed her how the two majors could mesh into one career. Various jobs and internships have also confirmed that a career as a performing arts administrator is what she will pursue after graduation.

Why major in Communication?

communication   journalism   pubic relations  

A Communication major at Meredith College prepares women graduates for careers in business, journalism, public relations, media, nonprofit, government, law, education and more. Our program, located in a top 25 media market, focuses on real-world learning through professional internships and hands-on experience in the classroom.

An Exercise in Forgiveness

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Meredith College Associate Professor of Communication Carla Ross has been exploring the concept of forgiveness through research and application for ten years. In this short video, watch as Meredith students who have taken Ross’ Forgiveness and Communication class conduct a hands-on “forgiveness exercise.”

Cody Jeffery

business administration   commencement 2016   communication   economics   going strong   honors   study abroad  

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Communication Courses at Meredith Allow Students to Work for Real-World Clients


Emily Kelleher

commencement 2017   communication   general education   strongpoints  

Emily Kelleher found support in developing her long-term plan through the general education program and StrongPoints.

Hannah Gerding

communication   exercise and sports science   going strong   honors  

Hannah Gerding, ’17, knew when she arrived at Meredith College that she wanted to be a physical therapist.

Julia Allsbrook

athletics   communication   honors  

As a communication major with aspirations of being a sports broadcaster, Julia Allsbrook, ’18, challenged herself in the classroom and on the softball diamond. 

Kristen Rivera

academics   commencement 2016   communication   going strong   internships   student life   videos  

As a communication major at Meredith, Kristen Rivera, ’16, gained experience through multiple internships and student leadership roles.

Mimi Mays

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Meredith Legacy Scholar Mimi Mays, '20, was drawn to Meredith's close-knit community.