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Laura Culpepper

commencement 2017   english   going strong   study abroad  

Laura Culpepper, ’17, came to Meredith with a set plan, but through her experiences she discovered a new passion and career path.

Nicole Ortega

accounting   commencement 2017   going strong   tradition  

Accounting major Nicole Ortega, ’17, accepted a position as financial analyst for Cisco before she even graduated.

Aly Mann

commencement 2017   graduate education   psychology   teaching fellows   undergraduate research  

Teaching Fellow and psychology major Aly Mann, '17, explored her strengths through a variety of experiences.

Alyssa Codispoti

athletics   commencement 2017   exercise and sports science  

As a student-athlete and member of the National Guard, Alyssa Codispoti plans to be an officer in the military.

Arielle Boland

commencement 2017   history   honors  

History major Arielle Boland, '17, made the most of her experiences as an honors student.

Asha Tuli

biology   chemistry   commencement 2017   going strong   undergraduate research  

Having lived in five countries and attended four schools, one thing Asha Tuli, ’17, has learned is adaptability.

Asia Taylor

commencement 2017   going strong   interior design  

Interior design major Asia Taylor, ’17, has made connections at Meredith that will help her throughout her career.

Avoneè Simmons

commencement 2017   fashion merchandising and design   honors   undergraduate research  

Studying at Meredith College was an empowering experience for fashion major Avoneè Simmons. 

Chris Doi

commencement 2017   graduate education   graduate programs   master of arts in teaching  

Chris Doi turned his pastime of working with children into a profession and is now an English language arts teacher.

Dielle McMillan

commencement 2017   going strong   leadership   social work  

Social work major Dielle McMillan, '17, used her strengths as a leader to benefit the campus community.