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Aarusha Shakya

academics   business   commencement 2016   going strong  

Aarusha Shakya made the most of her Meredith experience, completing two majors, multiple internships, and studying abroad

Alayna Bolyard

commencement 2016   going strong   internships   psychology   strongpoints  

For Meredith psychology major Alayna Bolyard, ’16, participating in an internship helped define her career path.

Alejandra Solares de la Campa

business administration   commencement 2016   going strong   strongpoints  

Alejandra Solares de la Campa's Meredith experience included multiple internships in her field.

Alex Herel

commencement 2016   education   english   going strong   strongpoints   teacher education  

Alex Herel's Meredith experience prepared her to become an effective, confident teacher.

Ashley Souza

biology   commencement 2016   food and nutrition   going strong  

Through internships Ashley Souza, '16, discovered her passion for veterinary medicine.

Bri Crumbley

academics   commencement 2016   going strong   religious and ethical studies   sociology   undergraduate research  

As a Meredith student, Bri Crumbley, ’16, found her career path through a combination of her academic and extracurricular experiences.

Brittany Millice

career planning   commencement 2016   going strong   mathematics  

Find out how Meredith prepared Brittany Millice, '16, for her dream career.

Christina Churchill

commencement 2016   engineering dual degree program   going strong   mathematics   stem   videos  

Dual degree engineering student Christina Churchill started her job with IBM after graduation.

Cody Jeffery

business administration   commencement 2016   communication   economics   going strong   honors   study abroad  

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Destiny McDuffie

biology   chemistry   commencement 2016   going strong   undergraduate research  

Destiny McDuffie, '16, gained valuable experience at Meredith that gave her an edge for grad school.