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Alejandra Solares de la Campa

business administration   commencement 2016   going strong   strongpoints  

Alejandra Solares de la Campa's Meredith experience included multiple internships in her field.

Business at Meredith College Playlist

business   business administration  

As a business administration major, you will gain the skills needed for today’s competitive and complex global business environment. You will be prepared to pursue a career in fields such as human resource management, sales and marketing, banking, international business, management of nonprofit agencies and government service, or to own your own business.

Carol Jablonski

business administration   going strong   honors   spanish  

Presidential Scholar Carol Jablonski, '20, looks forward to community outreach opportunities at Meredith.

Cody Jeffery

business administration   commencement 2016   communication   economics   going strong   honors   study abroad  

Multiple internships, study abroad, undergraduate research, and involvement in campus life prepared Cody Jeffery for success.

Katie Holland

business administration   career planning   commencement 2016   economics   going strong  

Find out how Katie Holland, '16, turned an internship opportunity into a job

Lindsay Vandenbroeck

academics   business administration   going strong   psychology  

For psychology major Lindsay Vandenbroeck, ’16, participating in a summer internship opened the door to an exciting new career possibility.

Mercy Rialem

business administration   commencement 2017   computer science   honors  

Mercy Rialem, ’17, took full advantage of the Office of Career Planning to help shape her career journey and gain valuable experience.

Valerie Lawrence

business administration   commencement 2017   going strong   wings - adult education  

Wings student Valerie Lawrence, ’17, was hired as a full-time analyst after completing a summer internship at Credit Suisse.