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"Arts" - Strong Stories

Victoria Mitchell as Samantha Steadman in the Meredith production of A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas.

Victoria Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell, ’18, chose to pursue her degree in theatre at Meredith College because she knew her voice would be heard in the women’s college environment. 

Jessica Williford

Jessica Williford

Jessica Williford combined her interests in child development and music at Meredith

Erica Battles

Erica Battles

Attending Meredith College has shaped Erica Battles, '16, into a musician who isn't afraid to take risks.

Bev Mecum

Bev Mecum

See how Wings student Bev Mecum, ’15, found ways to combine her previous careers with her love of art during her time at Meredith.

Meg Thedford

Meg, an interior design major, may not have won the Super Bowl – but she is pursuing her lifelong dream of working in the place where dreams come true.

Libby O'Daniel

Libby O’Daniel

Libby O'Daniel, '14, studio art major, conducted undergraduate research overseas through Meredith's study abroad program in Italy.

Strong Story Erica Rogers

Erica Rogers

Erica Rogers prepared for law school with a music and Spanish degree from Meredith.