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Richa Kulkarni

Richa Kulkarni

Richa Kulkarni, '17, has been a strong student in Meredith's MBA Program and she has also helped other students find success.

An MBA Program tutor, Richa manages a study lab for all Meredith's MBA foundation courses.

"Managing the study lab has given me an opportunity to connect with other MBA students," Richa said. "It is a 'learn and grow' process."

One of her favorite memories is when another MBA student earned an A in a course, crediting the success to Richa's tutoring. This kind of support is what drew Richa to Meredith's MBA program.

"The small classes, and the fact that professors believe in providing a quality education are reasons I chose Meredith," Richa said. "Professors like Dr. Yu, Dr. Langenderfer, Dr. Wessels, and Dr. Hurt have believed in me and opened doors of knowledge for me."

Richa holds a full-time position as an application specialist at Yardi, a real estate solutions software company, putting into practice the knowledge and skill she has gained at Meredith.

She is proud that she has met the challenges of a rigorous academic program, including during the MBA Capstone course.

"Capstone is a huge challenge, and needs almost 40 hours of study each week," Richa said. "Managing a full-time job, being a full-time mom of a 7-year-old, and 40 hours of study has been a challenge. This has taught me how to manage my time efficiently and study smart."

Richa will complete her MBA this spring and she has plans to complete a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program in the future before owning her own consulting firm.

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