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Diana Betancourt

Through her involvement in campus organizations, guidance from the Office of Career Planning, and support from her professors, Diana Betancourt, ’20, was able to secure a position at Credit Suisse months before graduation. 

And with a double major in accounting and economics and a minor in finance, Diana is well prepared to take on the role. She believes the business school and Meredith as a whole has prepared her for this next step by offering not only career planning assistance, but also countless opportunities for hands-on learning.

“I took on the role of co-vice president for the Meredith Accounting and Finance Association (MAFA) my junior year,” said Diana. She also spent some time serving as secretary of the organization.

“These roles enriched my experience at Meredith and allowed me to learn about different careers in accounting and finance, which helped me choose what type of job I’d want after college,” she said.

After serving in those roles on campus, Diana took a summer internship at Credit Suisse at the encouragement of her faculty adviser.

In this role, Diana felt empowered in many ways. “I worked and communicated with global teams in London, Poland, India, and New York - having to manage the different time zones these countries entailed, the different cultures, and different seniority levels of each team member,” she said. “I worked with these different teams in order to complete two projects regarding risk themes, threat vectors, controls, and metrics.”

At the end of the internship, Diana presented key findings and final projects to senior leaders of the firm, and was invited to come and work for the company full time after graduation.

“I definitely gained the confidence to communicate with leaders and make relationships with them,” she said.

Diana also learned other key strengths about herself - like the fact that she is a team leader. “I always strive to help individual team members bring their strengths to the table.”

The Office of Career Planning (OCP) assisted Diana through the hiring process by conducting mock interviews with her and lending resume and cover letter advice. “OCP  helped me gain the confidence and practice to do well during my interviews with Credit Suisse,” said Diana.

Another source of support for Diana during her time at Meredith was her twin sister, Giselle Betancourt, ’20. Giselle will also be working at Credit Suisse after graduation.

“Attending college with my twin has been a wonderful experience,” Diana said. “Our next steps together at Credit Suisse are very meaningful as we will continue to be able to encourage and support one another.”

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