Carol Jablonski

Carol Jablonski

Although just a first-year student at Meredith College, Carol Jablonski, ’20, already knows she wants to double major in business and Spanish. Carol is immersing herself in Meredith culture and activities in order to find her place at the College. She is a Presidential Scholar, the vice president of the freshman class, and she is on the honors committee. 

Meredith is a family affair for Carol. Her older sister, Kate Jablonski, who graduated from Meredith in 2016, encouraged Carol to tour Meredith. Carol said she felt like she was at home as soon as she came onto campus. She loves that her classes are small and the professors make an effort to learn about each student. 

“Meredith classes focus on the importance of each individual student and the professors foster a calm atmosphere.”

Even though Carol has not yet experienced many of Meredith’s traditions, the honor code ceremony will always hold a special place in her heart. Carol said that the idea of all the Meredith students pledging that they would respect Meredith College with their honor and integrity was a powerful moment. 

“The whole school coming together to make a pledge was such a moving experience.” 

Along with the importance of integrity, Carol loves that Meredith encourages its students to give back. She volunteered frequently in high school and continues to show her love for community outreach. She plans to join several community outreach clubs on campus. 

The bond of the Meredith sisterhood has already had an impact on Carol. The tight-knit community at Meredith offers countless opportunities to nurture close friendships and personal growth. 

“I know that at Meredith, I will continue to grow into the responsible, talented, and intelligent woman I hope to be.”  

By Shelby-Anne Sanders, ’17

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