Ashley Scarborough

Ashley Scarborough

Attending Meredith College provided Ashley Scarborough, ’17, with opportunities to both travel the world and move outside of her comfort zone.

Ashley, who is completing a major in psychology and a minor in biology, spent a semester during her sophomore year in Meredith’s study abroad program in Sansepolcro, Italy.

Studying abroad was the top highlight of her college experience.

“Nothing can compare to studying for a semester in Italy,” Ashley said. “I was able to travel the world and see and do things I wouldn’t have been able to on campus. I gained confidence.”

She has since become a study abroad peer advisor for the Office of International Programs. “I have been able to help others in their study abroad adventures and have spoken about study abroad at Meredith recruitment and fundraising events.”

Ashley has been active in Meredith campus life, participating in traditions like Cornhuskin’, working as an advisor to adult and transfer students, volunteering in the Meredith Autism Program, and performing in DanceWorks productions.

Academic achievements include membership in three honor societies and consistently appearing on the Dean’s List throughout her Meredith career. She also worked on a research team at East Carolina University in the summer of her sophomore year, and as an intern at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Neurotoxicology Laboratory in the spring semester of her junior year.

“All of these activities have shown me the diversity that this world has to offer,” Ashley said. “I was able to experience opportunities that would not have been possible at a larger university and it has gotten me out of my comfort zone.”

After graduation, Ashley will return to Sansepolcro, where she will serve as the program assistant for Meredith’s summer study abroad programs. Then she will begin a Mayo Clinic Master of Science in cardiovascular perfusion at Midwestern University next fall.

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