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Bev Mecum

Bev Mecum »

See how Wings student Bev Mecum, ’15, found ways to combine her previous careers with her love of art during her time at Meredith.

Rebecca Wyatt

Preparing For a Career as a Social Worker – Rebecca Wyatt »

Rebecca Wyatt’s internship was a crucial building block to prepare her for a career as a social worker.

Satina Smith

Taking Teaching to the Next Level – Satina Smith »

For Satina Smith, ’06, ’11 (M.Ed.) earning her M.Ed. with AIG specialization led to additional leadership opportunities.

Hawa Tuli

The Importance of Global Health – Hawa Tuli »

Biology major Hawa Tuli plans to earn a master of science in global health.

Elizabeth Marshall

Conducting Research – Elizabeth Marshall »

Biology and international studies major Elizabeth Marshall pursued multiple opportunities to conduct research.

Paul Winterhoff

Strong Faculty | Paul Winterhoff »

Much like our students, Meredith faculty are involved on campus in a variety of ways.

Caroline Hriso

Carolyn Hriso »

Attending Meredith as an adult student helped Carolyn Hriso, ’94, grow professionally.

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Andie Stuber

Zeenat Razvi

Zeenat Razvi »

Zeenat Razvi,’13, said that Meredith faculty were instrumental in helping her get an NSF fellowship.

Chris Newport

Helping Clients Reach Fitness Goals – Chris Newport »

Chris Newport, ’11, M.S. in nutrition, earned her master’s degree in order to more effectively help her clients reach their fitness goals.



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