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Carla Lunday

Carla Lunday »

Internship experience gave Carla Lunday a head start on her career.

Legacy Scholarship Recipients and Alumnae

A Legacy of Strength »

Awarded for the first time in 2007, the Meredith Legacy Scholarship – the College’s first and only full, four-year merit scholarship – continues to attract strong, bright women to Meredith.

Ginger Neustadt

Ginger Neustadt »

Earning her degree as an adult gave Ginger Neustadt an even greater sense of confidence.

Catherine Pelone

Promoting Health Through Nutrition – Catherine Pelone Hill »

After earning her bachelor’s degree at a large university, Catherine Pelone Hill, ’13, M.S. in nutrition, wanted to pursue her graduate education in a more intimate learning environment.

Rimsha Afzal

Internships Strengthen STEM Skills »

Internships Strengthen STEM Skills

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internships stem

Ingrid Sanchez

Ingrid Sanchez »

As CEO and founder of her own company, Ingrid Sanchez, ’01, MBA, said she’s a “poster child” for the Meredith MBA.

Cindy Anderson

Building Worldwide Connections – Cindy Anderson »

Cindy Anderson, ’12, M.A. in Teaching, was motivated to pursue her graduate degree by her students’ desire to learn and her own desire to stay on top of teaching trends.

Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins »

Emily Hawkins, ’15, is on a mission to elect the first female U.S. President.

Carrie Swart Tulbert

Carrie Swart Tulbert »

School culture is a powerful component of education that is often overlooked

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teacher education

Holly Mills

Holly Mills »

Holly has used her strengths during her time at Meredith to encourage others to make sustainable choices.



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