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Callie Davis

Callie Davis »

A double major in chemistry and history, honors student Callie Davis explored a range of interests at Meredith.

Breanna Sullins

Breanna Sullins »

Everything just felt right for Breanna Sullins, ’15, from the moment she turned onto Main Campus Drive for Move-In Day in August 2011.

Naba Khan

A Passion for STEM – Naba Khan »

Naba Khan, ’15, came to Meredith loving science.

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biology honors program

Nikki Truax

Nikki Truax »

After a 15-year career in the health care field, Nikki Truax, ’15, decided it was time to return to college and earn a degree that would allow her to pursue her passion.

Barbara Shantz

Barbara Shantz »

Barbara Shantz, ’17, a student in Meredith’s Wings Adult Education program, traveled to Peru with the Business School.

Alexis Trell

Alexis Trell »

Business administration major Alexis Trell, ’15, built on her strengths by maximizing the opportunities available at Meredith.

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business internships

Larissa Bryant

Shaping the Classroom – Larissa Bryant »

Larissa Bryant, ’13, earned her M.A. in Teaching at Meredith in order to have a positive impact on her students’ future.

Megan Amanatides

Joining a Winning Team – Megan Amanatides »

Megan Amanatides interned at a TV news station – and was awarded a full scholarship for graduate school.

Christa Allen

Christa Allen »

Through determination and perseverance, Christa Allen secured two ideal internships that opened post-grad opportunities.

Rachel Didier

An Impactful First Impression – Rachel Didier »

Meredith College was the right fit for fashion major Rachel Didier from the beginning.



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