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Katie Holland

Katie Holland »

Find out how Katie Holland, ’16, turned an internship opportunity into a job

Aarusha Shakya

Aarusha Shakya »

Aarusha Shakya made the most of her Meredith experience, completing two majors, multiple internships, and studying abroad

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Nicole Lawson

Using Dance to Educate and Transform – Nicole Lawson »

Spanish and dance studies major Nicole Lawson found a way to combine her love of dance and language.

Katelyn Smith

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Education – Katelyn Smith »

A love of learning about other cultures prompted Katelyn Smith to apply for the Fulbright Program.

Lindsay Vandenbroeck

Exploring Career Possibilities – Lindsay Vandenbroeck »

For psychology major Lindsay Vandenbroeck, ’16, participating in a summer internship opened the door to an exciting new career possibility.

Nora Butkovich

Highlighting Female Artists – Nora Butkovich »

Grad school scholarship winner Nora Butkovich says Meredith prepared her for the next step toward her art career.

Rachel Powell

Researching Plant Biology – Rachel Powell »

Biology major Rachel Powell plans to continue her studies in plant biology at Auburn University.

Lacey Hambridge

Nutrition Health Educator – Lacey Hambridge »

Lacey Hambridge, ’16, ’18 (M.S. in nutrition) conducted undergraduate research and service projects to help children in need and combat hunger through education.

Caitlin Chastain

Caitlin Chastain »

Caitlin Chastain, ’19, developed a “Tranquility Suite” for nursing home patients.

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business strongpoints

Shantel Jordan

A Deeper Knowledge of the Journalism Industry – Shantel Jordan »

Communication major Shantel Jordan is using the knowledge she gained through her communication program to excel as a national account executive.



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