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Vanessa Cupil-Garcia

Vanessa Cupil-Garcia »

As a first-generation college student, Vanessa Cupil-Garcia used her passions to shape her career path at Meredith.

Jennifer Halvorson

Driven and Determined – Jennifer Halvorson »

Jennifer Halvorson is a student-athlete with the drive and determination to succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in her career.

Maryam Ahmed

Leading With Compassion – Maryam Ahmed »

Maryam Ahmed utilized one of her greatest strengths by assisting with causes about which she is passionate.

Engineering Dual Degree Program student Mindie Stanford.

Pushing Her Comfort Zone – Mindie Stanford »

Engineering dual-degree major Mindie Stanford, ’16, landed a job with Cisco Systems.

Kate Jablonski

Serving Her Community – Kate Jablonski »

Kate Jablonski, ’16, was inspired to apply her food and nutrition major to help those with eating disorders.

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food and nutrition

Jennifer Coples

Destiny McDuffie

Gaining an Edge – Destiny McDuffie »

Destiny McDuffie, ’16, gained valuable experience at Meredith that gave her an edge for grad school.

Christina Churchill

Advocating for Women in STEM – Christina Churchill »

Dual degree engineering student Christina Churchill started her job with IBM after graduation.

Erica Battles

Erica Battles »

Attending Meredith College has shaped Erica Battles, ’16, into a musician who isn’t afraid to take risks.

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arts honors program

Meredith Hovis

Gaining Confidence – Meredith Hovis »

As a Spanish and environmental sustainability major, Meredith Hovis’s decision to study abroad was life-changing.



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