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Paula Pope-Jones

Defining Resilience – Paula Pope-Jones »

Paula Pope-Jones completed her degree at Meredith and found the supportive environment she was looking for.

Sandra Close

Sandra Close »

Sandra Close, ’86, earned her degree as an adult student and then went on to direct Meredith’s adult education program.

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wings-adult education

Cullen Moser

Cullen Moser »

Cullen Moser, ’07, earned a second degree at Meredith to pursue the career of her dreams in interior design..

Maribel Perez-Huerta

Determination is Key – Maribel Perez-Huerta »

Maribel Perez-Huerta, ’15, used the strengths she honed in the workplace as an adult student at Meredith.

Cas Roberts

A Second Chance For An Education – Cas Roberts »

Computer science major Cas Roberts, ’12, gained an edge by learning to live code in the classroom

Libby O'Daniel

Libby O’Daniel »

Libby O’Daniel, ’14, studio art major, conducted undergraduate research overseas through Meredith’s study abroad program in Italy.

Strong Story Danielle Letourneau-Therrien

Danielle Letourneau-Therrien »

Working in non-profits for 12+ years, you learn that it is essential that everyone pitch in

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wings-adult education



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