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Senior Marissa Hurtado

Marissa Hurtado »

Marissa Hurtado, ’17, found a way to merge two passions: learning French and exploring her interests in the fashion industry.

Macy Allen

Macy Allen »

Macy Allen, ’17, has used her love of art and traveling to build the foundation for her Meredith College experience.

Laura Culpepper

Laura Culpepper »

Laura Culpepper, ’17, came to Meredith with a set plan, but through her experiences she discovered a new passion and career path.

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english study abroad

Sabrina Brown

Sabrina Brown »

Communication major Sabrina Brown, ’17, has developed academically and professionally through her close relationships with faculty and staff.

Noel Fox

Noel Fox »

Presidential Scholar Noel Fox, ’17, discovered her internship through CareerLink, a resource available to all Meredith students.

Jasmine Williams

Jasmine Williams »

Studying abroad shaped Jasmine Williams’ experience at Meredith and these opportunities enriched her life.

Ashley Scarborough

Ashley Scarborough »

Attending Meredith College provided Ashley Scarborough with opportunities to travel the world and move outside of her comfort zone.

Melissa Jenkins

Melissa Jenkins »

Social work major Melissa Jenkins was empowered to make a difference in the world.

Whitley Holt

Whitley Holt »

A rigorous Meredith education has prepared Whitley Holt for her future.

Rachel Anne Phelps

Rachel Anne Phelps »

Interior design major Rachel Anne Phelps, ’16, says that Meredith paved the way for her dream to become reality.



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