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Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins »

Emily Hawkins, ’15, is on a mission to elect the first female U.S. President.

Holly Mills

Holly Mills »

Holly has used her strengths during her time at Meredith to encourage others to make sustainable choices.

Angie Ramkellawan

Angie Ramkellawan »

Watch strong senior Angie Ramkellawan, a business administration major, talk about her Meredith experience

Rodda Ouma

Rodda Ouma »

Meredith College has encouraged me to think differently, and to get involved and engaged in leadership activities.

Lara Pantlin

Lara Pantlin »

Watch strong senior Lara Pantlin, a psychology major, talk about her Meredith experience.

Rebecca Wyatt

Rebecca Wyatt »

Rebecca Wyatt’s internship was a crucial building block to prepare her for a career as a social worker.

Elizabeth Cox

Elizabeth Cox »

Elizabeth Cox, ’15, transferred to Meredith as a junior and took advantage of the range of internships available.

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Yailyn Polanco

Yailyn Polanco »

Yailyn Polanco stretched herself in five different internships.

Puja Patel

Puja Patel »

Psychology major Puja Patel’s passion for research has been a strong thread throughout her college career.

Katie Brinson

Katie Brinson »

Katie Brinson, ’15, worked with her Health Professions Adviser to find hands-on experiences in the field.



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