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Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey »

Sarah Massey participated in undergraduate research and internships to help fuel her passion for the food industry.

Nicole Benjamin

Nicole Benjamin »

Nicole Benjamin created her own path at Meredith by taking advantage of a unique option to design her own major.

Ashley Scarborough

Ashley Scarborough »

Attending Meredith College provided Ashley Scarborough with opportunities to travel the world and move outside of her comfort zone.

Jessica Williford

Jessica Williford »

Jessica Williford combined her interests in child development and music at Meredith

Miranda Gilfillan

Miranda Gilfillan »

At Meredith, Miranda Gilfillan, ’16, discovered a passion for math and science that shaped her career path.

Kristen Rivera

Kristen Rivera »

As a communication major at Meredith, Kristen Rivera, ’16, gained experience through multiple internships and student leadership roles.

Jennifer Coples

Jennifer Coples »

Jennifer Coples’ Meredith experience included two internships in Paris.

Lacey Hambridge

Lacey Hambridge »

Lacey Hambridge, ’16, conducted undergraduate research and service projects that help children in need.

Shantel Jordan

Shantel Jordan »

Communication major Shantel Jordan is using the knowledge she gained through her communication program to excel as a national account executive.

Alayna Bolyard

Alayna Bolyard »

For Meredith psychology major Alayna Bolyard, ’16, participating in an internship helped define her career path.



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